My CSCS Exam Results!

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I’ll cut to the chase in case you don’t want to read the fluff: I passed. But man, today was a pretty stressful day.  I woke up at 6:30 and took care of, fed, and played with my son until around 10:30 when his grandma arrived.  I ate a small breakfast and then left.

11:30 – Arrive in San Francisco
11:30 to 1:30 – Find parking, drink some coffee, get some last minute studying in
1:30 to 3 – CSCS Exam Section 1
3 to 4:45 – CSCS Exam Section 2 (finished ~ 40 min early)

All in all it was pretty stressful.  I haven’t taken any tests with this kind of pressure in more than 6 years, and none of those tests had direct monetary consequences attached to them.  Retaking the CSCS exam is not cheap, especially not in the time investment end of things.

On top of that stress, just the general anxiety around taking exams, and the rather public nature of me taking this test.  With the blog, twitter, facebook…it felt like a very public test.  What if my strategy for studying was all wrong?  What if I focused on all the wrong things? During the exam, things were still pretty stressful.  A fair number of curve balls and things I could swear I did not encounter anywhere in the book or practice exams.  And again, a few things that I got, but felt were unfair to ask someone who only had the NSCA book as reference and not a deeper understanding of anatomy.

On a more positive note, the past three weeks of studying have been very effective.  Particularly on the last few things I focused on memorizing that are the key to a lot of the practical/applied questions.  I’m looking forward to sharing these with you guys when I regain some motivation, as I am currently tapped out.

I’ve always been open about my results on practice exams, what I’ve done wrong, what I’ve done right, etc.  To that end, I want to be share exactly how I did on the actual exam.  I’m pretty excited about how I did, because I felt that it was going to be a lot closer.  Goes to show that you can be pretty iffy on a lot of questions, but with good guesswork still do just fine. Without further ado:



During the electronic test, you gotta take a photo of yourself.  This shows up in the upper right hand of your screen, I assume to let you know where your seat is in case you step out for a bathroom break….though I found it kind of distracting at time having my ugly mugshot staring at me in the upper right hand corner..haha.

Anyways, I’m really happy I took the electronic exam so I got my results immediately.  As soon as I was done they queued a job at a printer nearby and the proctor handed me the results.

In the end this is just one step in the multi-month process that is me changing my career path, but so far it has been one of the more challenging things to study for and learn. I want to assure you all, that this is NOT my last post.  I’m looking to continue developing this website as a resource for people looking to better their careers in the field of strength and conditioning.  “Everyone Stronger” as the NSCA would say =)


  1. Congrats! This site has been extremely helpful!

  2. Hey man, great job. I’ve been following this blog for a while and am excited to see you pass! I had been using this site to help me with studying – particularly the anatomy portions. I can’t seem to access the blog entries anymore. Have you decided to replace them all with smiley faces?

    • Hey Phil,
      My site is undergoing some issues right now…I’m hoping to have it all sorted out soon. None of the older posts are lost, just temporarily inaccessible =)

  3. Congrats good sir! Now, go forth, and be succesful!

  4. Man, So happy to have found this site. Working towards mine now. Looking forward to more info from you leading up to the big day!

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