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Hi Everyone!
First I want to take the time to thank all of my readers and book purchasers. I do enjoy helping people learn, and this blog and my book have been a great medium to do that in.

First off I want to talk about the NSCA lawsuit, then some tips about what to do if you fail a section of the exam…to buy my book or not to buy it.

NSCA vs. Crossfit

A study was released in the NSCAs journal claiming participants in crossfit experienced a 16% rate of injury. After crossfit sued, investigated, deposed, litigated, and received sworn statements from the participants…it would appear some data were falsified and the NSCA has issued a correction to it’s study. Bad news for the NSCA, and disappointing for me and you. NSCA is a non-profit that works to disseminate good information about strength and coniditioning…but over the years I’ve seen a few things:

  1. The removal of all paper based practice exams (which used to cost about $65 in total for three practice exams)
  2. Moving to completely digital material (and an increase in price…which makes you wonder, it’s now cheaper to dole out as there is nothing to print, yet it costs more…hrmm)
  3. Updating of the textbook from 3rd to 4th edition, a classic move by book publishers to make more money so older editions aren’t resold & reused
 CSCS Practice Exams - No longer available in paper format. Instead you can buy $500 worth of online study material!

CSCS Practice Exams – No longer available in paper format. Instead for a meager $500 you can buy online material!

Yes, all these things could be completely benign. The cost hikes could all be going to pay for the web development of the online material, etc. But it does make you wonder…and now there is the lawsuit where clearly false claims were made.

But they are not-for-profit!

There are plenty of not-for-profits that manage to become corrupt. Increasing their own salaries is one, and i’m sure there are others

That being said, NSCA CSCS will still remain a sought after certification. Let’s hope the NSCA gets a bit of a wake up call to really go after their mission and remain true to scientific principles. Now, onto other topics!


If you have failed one section of the exam

DEFINITELY: Buy the book if you failed the science portion

BUY: If you failed the practical/applied by a small amount, because much of the practical applied hinges on a solid foundation in science. If you read the book cover to cover and don’t find it helpful, just ask for the refund and you’ll get it no questions ask. Do not send me a message 15minutes after buying the book asking for a refund, I’ll give it to you…but I’ll also give you crap for being lazy.

DO NOT: If you failed practical/applied by A LOT. This is where my book is weakest, which isn’t really surprising since I’m an engineer – science is where I’m strongest. Instead you should probably spend time in a gym, training people, shadowing a trainer. Watch people move their bodies. Then really work on the word problems/scenarios.

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