How Do I Get CPR/AED Certified?

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Getting CPR/AED certified is a requirement for the CSCS certification, but not for the exam itself.  You can in fact complete the exam, and later display proof of CPR/AED certification to receive your CSCS.

There are a number of ways to get certified, one is through the Red Cross.  Simply enter in your zip code, the appropriate certification, and search for a local listing.  For me, the cost of the class is somewhere between $90 and $110.  I chose Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED as my son was recently born so being able to CPR/AED with a pediatric bent is applicable to me.

Another great option for CPR/AED certification training is the American Heart Association, however briefly investigating the site reveals a way to reserve a spot in the class but no indication of the actual cost, though I admit this could probably vary by location.

An interesting third option is, where apparently you can complete your certification entirely online at your own pace for an affordable $29.95.  I haven’t decided what option I will take yet, stay tuned!

Edit: I don’t believe the third option will be accepted by the NSCA!  A hands on portion is required.

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