First Practice Exam Complete, Now What?!

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So, I figured out how the exam is weighted by content in this post.

Then I took the first exam and detailed the results in this post, including analyzing my correct-guess rate and roughly how much material I actually know, though to be taken with a grain of salt given the low sample size of test questions.

But so far I haven’t really done shit for studying, aside from what I did over a year ago when I first got the book.  This is where the rubber meets the road, and I actually have to start getting stuff done.  So far I’m thinking my strategy will be as follows:

  1. Review all questions I answered incorrectly
  2. Review all questions I answered correctly but guessed the answer

But how do I accomplish #1 and make the material stick?  Also, after reviewing a few sections and the suggested reading in the book…the book sections the study material are not as useful as I originally thought.  Sometimes the section in the book that the self-evaluation section refers to doesn’t really cover all facets of the question that are necessary to come to an answer.

As an example, take this question that I made up (I cannot copy any material from the book or booklets for copyright reasons)

What muscle group and action are involved in the triceps extension exercise?

  • I.  extensors – concentric
  • II. extensors – eccentric
  • III. flexors – concentric
  • IV. flexors – eccentric

And the answers will be various combinations of two of those options, so A might be options I & III, B might be I & II, etc.  To answer the question, you need to know two things:

  1. What flexors and extensors are
  2. What concentric and eccentric actions are

The practice exam material falls short in that the book section that the self-evaluation guide points to only covers eccentric, concentric, and isometric muscle action.  Says nothing about extensors and flexors, though perhaps the authors thought this was such an obvious aspect as to not need to be covered.  Fortunately the internet can answer this question, and hopefully that holds true for any other similar situations.

I’m going to proceed reviewing all incorrect questions, section by section.  The first, and largest section of the test is EXERCISE SCIENCE.  Thus begins a new series of posts in which I cover the topics that I answered incorrectly on the CSCS Practice Exam Vol. 1.


  • I cannot duplicate in any way or form any of the material from the NSCA practice exams, booklet, or DVD
  • I cannot duplicate any copyrighted material from the Essentials of Strength and Conditioning textbook

Fortunately a lot of this material is just science, and you can’t copyright F=MA or E=MC^2.

Posts (will edit them in as they are made):


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