Maintaining your Body with Kelley Starrett on Creative Live

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If you are in the fitness industry (or in my case, aspiring to be) I hope you have heard of mobilitywod.  It has changed my life.  Really.

Mobilitywod’s owner, Kelley Starrett is the founder of San Francisco Crossfit and is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  His mantra, that “every athlete should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves” is a powerful one.  His site has over 500 videos of various techniques to increase mobility and athletic power.

That’s my pitch for mobilitywod.  Now let’s talk about his Creative Live event.

Tomorrow, January 30, 2013 kicks off a two day video series titled “Maintaining Your Body”.  The live event is free, sign up here.

I will be trying to study while watching this and taking care of my son over the next two days, so I may not get any extra CSCS studying updates finished until it’s over.  However, I think taking a break for this opportunity is well worth it and you should too.  If you don’t watch the live event it’s available after the fact for $99.  Enjoy!

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