Sports Nutrition Review 1-3, Hydration Guidelines

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In my previous post I outlined some general facts regarding the importance of hydration and electrolytes, as well as the rather strange phenomenon known as voluntary dehydration.

Let’s summarize those points by going over the NSCA’s official fluid replacement guidelines.

Before Training
Encourage the consumption of 16oz (0.5L) of a cool beverage approximately 2 hours before a workout.

During Training

  • Provide cool beverages (50-70F or 10-21C)
  • Have fluids easy accessible and remind athletes to hydrate.  The body’s thirst mechanism doesn’t function properly when large amounts of fluid have been lost.
  • Have the athletes drink frequently, approximately 1 cup every 15 minutes

After Training

  • Consume 0.5L (1 pint) for every pound of weight lost.  All weight should be regained to indicate hydration status has returned to normal.
  • Water is the most effective hydrater (duh), however flavored beverages can encourage drinking.
  • The ideal fluid replacement beverage depends on the athlete, so know your athletes tastes, know your environment (temperature & humidity), and know the training regimen (intensity, duration).

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