CSCS Practice Questions – Exercise Science Part 1

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As you saw from my last practice exam, I’m still on the hairy edge of a pass/fail on the topic of Exercise Science.

My usual routine here is to go back over the entire topic and post a lengthy review of the subject matter.  Those days are over, at least for now.  I need to accelerate the pace of my studying, and to do that I need to shorten down the amount of time I spend writing and increase the amount of time I spend studying

So my next study tactic is going to be focused on going over the questions I got wrong in an abbreviated manner.  I’ll study each question, and only spend the time necessary to figure out why I got it wrong, and why the correct answer is correct.

The trouble here is that this doesn’t make for a very useful post for you.  Replicating any questions or material in any form from the practice exams is strictly forbidden and violates copyright law…but maybe I can meet somewhere in-between and abide by the law but also be useful.  So I think my strategy will be go over each question I got wrong and:

  1. Determine why the answer was wrong
  2. Understand why the correct answer is correct (kind of redundant)
  3. Write a brand new question with different answers but on the same subject, publish it here

So, in the next few posts I will try and go through things in a question – answer – explanation format.  In the meantime, I have some strength training to do…just one of the many activities that keeps me from writing on this blog more.

Here’s a teaser question.

What type of exercise is depicted below?


I.  Core
II. Structural
III. Assistance
IV. Power

A.  I & III only
B.  II only
C.  I, II & III only
D.  I & II only

If you don’t know, try and figure it out from this post, otherwise the answer will be in my next post.

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