CSCS Practice Questions – Exercise Science Part 2

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The answer to the question from part 1 is:

D – I & II only or Structural and Core.  As I describe in this post, core exercises recruit one or more large muscle areas across multiple joints.  If you correctly identified the movement in the picture as a back squat, you know that this exercise recruits…well, almost everything.  Furthermore, the back squat is considered a structural exercise because it involves muscular stabilization of posture (in this case by maintaining a flat back and rigid torso).  However it’s not considered a power exercise because it’s not necessarily performed explosively like clean, snatch, and jerk exercises.

Now, here is another question!

Usain Bolt has decided to work towards breaking the 400m record, and is interval training 400m repeats.  His 400m personal best is ~46 seconds, but for answering this question assume the exercise duration is 1 minute.  What should his rest interval be?

Usain Bolt (Creative Commons)


A. 1 minute
B.  3 minutes
C.  5 minutes
D.  30 seconds

Read page 37 in the NSCA book to figure this out, or wait for my next post!



  1. So when I looked at this question I immediately thought about repetition training and knew the work rest ration was 1:5 (page 500). How did you differ from going straight to those recommendations or the ones on page 37?

    • That’s a good question – though 1:5 I think is technically Repetition training. My only other explanation for why you should favor page 37 in this case is because page 500 is in the aerobic endurance chapter, and a 400meter sprint – while needing endurance, is more about speed and glycolysis than efficiency and fatty acid oxidation.

  2. Got it! Thanks 🙂


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