CSCS Practice Questions – Nutrition Part 1

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I had to take a deep breath and gather some motivation to do this section.  Some of the questions I missed (which is what I used to determine what question I would generate in my last series) are so easy with no scientific explanation that I wasn’t sure how to make it into a legitimate post.

Again I had an embarrassing moment where I’m pretty sure I missed a question on a topic that I directly covered on this blog!  See if you can find the post that covers the following question.

Also I got a random message the other day that said

“Hey what’s up Julian, I want to thank you for taking time out to share your experience on studying for the cscs. You given me the motivation to finish studying.” – Coach Wilson

Just wanted to say thanks!  I appreciate the feedback, and comments like these helped inspire to keep going when I feel like I hit a bit of a lull.


Nutrition Question 1

If I know I’m going to participate in some training, when should I consume some liquid and how much should I consume to ensure I am both hydrated and have adequate time to lose any excess?

A.  2 hours – 1 pint
B.  1 hour – 1 pint
C.  30min – 1pint
D.  2 hours – 1 quart


Also, a preview at coming questions:

Can caffeine dehydrate an athlete?
Should before activity hydration be limited to water?



  1. Unfortunately this question (which is is given differently in the exam) assumes a bunch and is probably one of their worst questions. The assumption of course is that the athlete is regularly hydrating in the first place. This assumption is very far-reaching. This type of question should in my opinion always be prefaced with, “Assuming a properly hydrated athlete in the best possible environmental conditions…” rather than a rote memorization type question of a number thrown out there. The fact is hydration is an ongoing effort and requires vigilance on the part of the athlete and trainer and factors in everything from the environment to the food eaten.
    Enough ranting aside, great work on this!

    • Agreed! There are often some pretty big assumptions in these questions. After writing this question, I started actually drinking this much water before ultimate games and most of the time it was about the right amount of water…but some days it was a bit much and I needed to urinate, and other days I probably could’ve used more.

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