CSCS Practice Questions – Exercise Technique Part 1

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Alright, again…sorry for the long pause.  Work, baby, wife, working out, etc!

Exercise Technique! I missed 2/13 in this section on practice exam 2, which was a pretty solid improvement over practice exam 1 where I missed 6 questions.

Let’s get straight to a question.

When you  run with proper form, which muscle action absorbs the most landing shock?

A.  eccentric plantar flexion
B.  eccentric knee extension
C.  concentric hip flexion
D.  concentric plantar flexion


For a hint, here is a picture of a naked guy running from wikipedia:


Make sure you know about flexion, extension, and concentric & eccentric and how those apply to each of the joints in question.  Then think about what proper running form is….the answer on the next post!

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