CSCS Practice Questions – Exercise Technique Part 3

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To answer the last question you first need to know what’s involved in the T-Test.  I gave a hint in the last post by showing this picture:



The T-Test..
is a test of agility.  Four cones are arranged in the above pattern.  The athlete runs from A->B->C->D->B and then returns to B, always facing straight ahead from the stop and touching the base of every cone except on the return to A, in which he/she can run as quickly as possible straight through A.  This requires a forward run from A->B, sideways shuffle from B->C, C->D, and D->B, and running backwards from B->A.

This is where the practice exams sometimes fall short.  For one, you need to know what the T-Test is, and secondly you need to know how to cue and athlete when running forward and laterally by telling them how to hold their head or what objects to focus on.  The practice exam tells you to look on a certain page, but that page may only tell you about one of these two things.

Now that you know what the T-Test is, you just need to know how to give proper cues.  In this case the options were:

I. “Focus your eyes on each cone”
II. “Keep your head in a neutral position”
III. ”Keep your head slightly tilted towards each cone”
IV. “Focus your eyes straight ahead”
A. I and II only
B. II and III only
C. II and IV only
D. III and IV only

Since the T-test requires you face straight ahead the entire time, and there are two correct answers…the only thing that makes sense here is to “keep your head in a neutral position” (because why wouldn’t you put your spine in the best position?) and “Focus your eyes straight ahead” since it will be easier to use your peripheral vision when you’re not facing the direction you are going.

Correct answer: C. II and IV only

For now this wraps up the questions on Exercise Technique, on the practice exams a large part of these questions have a video component…which I have not yet tackled here but I have plans to.

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