CSCS Practice Questions – Program Design Part 5

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The last question is a little tricky if you’re a barbell meathead like me.  First thing, make sure you know what a structural exercise is, and for that you should take a look through all the results on my site for a search of the word structural.

Of the four exercises listed below, which is a structural exercise that can only be performed with free weights?

A.  Back Squat
B.  Snatch
C.  Bench Press
D.  Dumbbell Bicep Curl

If you know what a structural exercise is, answer D and C are eliminated, since D is really an assistance exercise and the Bench doesn’t require muscular stabilization of the spine.  That leaves the back squat and the snatch.  However, which can only be performed using free weights?

Well you can certainly back squat using a smith machine, though I don’t recommend it.  You sure as hell can’t snatch with anything but a free weight, because the weight needs to able to move off axis for balance reasons.

The answer is B. Snatch.

I hope you enjoyed my program design practice question series.  For more questions, please visit my practice questions page.




  1. Wouldn’t the answer be back squat, rather than snatch?

  2. sorry, i read that question too quickly. thanks for all the help via this site. it’ll be a great resource

    • Cheers! And yeah, has to be snatch because back squat can be done via smith machine.

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