Organization and Administration Practice Questions 1-5

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Ugh, this is by far the my least favorite aspect of studying for this exam.  Organization and administration…..I have no words to get you pumped about this topic, because I have no words for myself.  To prepare for these questions, I recommend reading chapters 21-22 and slamming your head against each page in agony.  Maybe you will absorb some through osmosis.

I just picked up the book, tried to read some of it and gave up.  I sat around for 5 or so minutes brainstorming a way to cover this.  Here’s what I came up with:

Instead of doing 1 question per post, I’m going to make up all the questions right now as I read through the chapter.

Question 1
What are the four phases of designing a new strength and conditioning facility?
A. Planning, Design, Construction, Operation
B. Predesign, Design, Construction, Preoperation
C. Design, Construction, Preoperation, Operation
D. Needs Analysis, Predesign, Design, Construction

Question 2
When assessing the needs of the athletic program, what should be considered (choose all that apply)
I. Training experience of the athletes
II. Age of the athletes
III. Number of athletes using the facility
IV. Athletic team schedules

Question 3
When designing a strength and conditioning facility, what is an appropriate range of square feet per athlete?
A.  40-50
B.  10-20
C.  80-90
D.  120-140

Question 4
Strength and conditioning facilities should ideally be located (choose all that apply)
I.  On the ground foor
II.  In a below-ground floor
III. As high as possible
IV. On an above ground floor capable of supporting 100lbs per square foot

Question 5
In order to accomodate wheelchairs, what should the minimum width of doorways be?
A.  30 inches
B.  40 inches
C.  28 inches
D.  36 inches

I’m going to break up the questions over a few posts, this is all I felt like coming up with for now.


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