Organization and Administration Practice Questions 6-10

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Question 6
Emergency exits must be:
I.  Clearly lit and free of obstruction at all times
II.  Located on every side of the facility
III. Clearly visible and marked for those with visual impairments
IV.  Equipped with fire extinguishers

Question 7
Ceilings should be at least:
A.  8-10 feet high
B.  12-14 feet high
C.  18 feet high
D.  22 feet high

Question 8
What is the diameter of an olympic plate?  Add a 2 inch safety margin to get the minimum distance mirrors should be set against the wall.
A.  12″ +2″ = 14″
B.  14″ + 2″ = 16″
C.  16″ + 2″ = 18″
D.  18″ + 2″ = 20″

Question 9
Power exercises should be placed:
I.  Away from windows, mirrors, exits and entrances
II.  Against the walls
III. Close to areas that are more readily supervised
IV.  Near the bathroom

Question 10
An appropriate staff-to-athlete ratio for freshman in high school (~14 years old, 0 years of training) should not exceed
A.  1:50
B.  1:15
C.  1:10
D.  1:1


To really cover the material, I need to probably keep doing more sets of these questions….but I might kill myself if I have to read more of this chapter.  Answers will be up at some point, whether or not I do another series of questions remains to be seen.


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