Coach Weber Shares CSCS Exam Experience

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This is from coach Weber on twitter.  Follow him @coachlaw71.  The nature of tweets means this message was broken into 160 word or fewer fragments, so I have arranged his tweets as a list of statements instead of rewording it.

From @coachlaw71:

I just finished the CSCS Exam. Since your blog helped me so much I thought I would pass on what I can remember.
Practical application of the scientific and nutritional principles in the text are extremely important.
Your memorization techniques of the 1RM percentage charts is spot on technique.
Memorization of the numbers in the facilities management portion is key such as square feet etc.
The video section is also huge. one thing I did not anticipate is that you are only allowed to watch the video once during the test. No replay.
Your @mobilitywod strategy of first loaded=most loaded is important to remember. Knowing the articulations of each joint is also key.
There are definitely several things on the test not covered explicitly in the text. I only knew them because I am been working as a HS strength and conditioning coach and have been conscious to be well read in technique and exercise theory during my 12 years on the job.
Best of luck. I am sure your preparation will help you pass! I will say that the test was harder than I anticipated although through the raw score data, it appeared that I took one of the harder versions of the scientific principles exam.

Hope that helps!
Coach Weber went into the test with some advantages, and some disadvantages.
First off, he has 12 years or more of coaching experience and has always taken care to provide quality exercise instruction.  This type of experience can’t be replaced by a textbook, and I’m sure it served him very well during the exam.
Coach Weber did not purchase the practice exams from the NSCA.  He got by on his experience, and help from my website, but he wishes that he did buy the practice exams as he felt he would’ve done much better.  Remember, the price for the three three flimsy paper booklets that comprise the three practice exams seems like a lot, but it’s worth it.
Time is money, time is the most precious resource we have.  If you don’t believe that, wait until you have kids.  Drop the cash on the practice exams.
Remember: My website is not intended as a replacement for the book & practice exams.  Use it as a supplement to those resources and share your experience like Coach Weber so we can all have a better shot at this thing!


  1. What was that first loaded=most loaded concept?

    • That was a concept from Kelley Starrett of Just when you initiate a movement like the squat, if you bend at the knee first you load the tissue around the knee more than the hip. Whereas if you bend at the hip first you load the hips most. A good thing to know in general, not sure exactly how it helped coach weber on the exam because I haven’t taken it yet.

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