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Hey fellow soon-to-be CSCS’s!

I wanted to show you another resource that should be on your radar:
CSCS Test Prep

Ryan Grella, an accomplished physical therapist, has made this website so that he can stay up to date on the content.  Note he is already a CSCS, so he has experience taking the exam and has a profession in the field.

He has a few pop-quizzes up, some review content, and a great pdf outlining my least favorite chapter…the dreaded 22!

Check out this page:
It has two PDF’s that he distributes for free!  They are in powerpoint-slide format, which is great for the bone-dry unexciting content that is chapter 22!

Thanks to Ryan, I feel somewhat absolved of responsibility when it comes to adequately covering that material!


  1. Hey Julian, I just wanted to say thank you for this page. I am currently studying for my CSCS and will be taking it August 22. I have read the book and am on my second time through it now and doing as many practice tests and reading that I can and your paage has been a great help. Thanks partner.

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