Organization and Administration Practice Question Answers 1-10

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So in case you missed it, check out my last post where you can find more resources on this section of the exam.

And here are the answers to my Organization and Administration posts 1-5, 6-10.

Question 1
What are the four phases of designing a new strength and conditioning facility?
B. Predesign, Design, Construction, Preoperation

Question 2
When assessing the needs of the athletic program, what should be considered (choose all that apply)
I. Training experience of the athletes
II. Age of the athletes
III. Number of athletes using the facility
IV. Athletic team schedules

Question 3
When designing a strength and conditioning facility, what is an appropriate range of square feet per athlete?
A.  40-50

Question 4
Strength and conditioning facilities should ideally be located (choose all that apply)
I.  On the ground floor
IV. On an above ground floor capable of supporting 100lbs per square foot


Question 5
In order to accomodate wheelchairs, what should the minimum width of doorways be?
D.  36 inches

Question 6
Emergency exits must be:
I.  Clearly lit and free of obstruction at all times
III. Clearly visible and marked for those with visual impairments

Question 7
Ceilings should be at least:
B.  12-14 feet high

Question 8
What is the diameter of an olympic plate?  Add a 2 inch safety margin to get the minimum distance mirrors should be set against the wall.
D.  18″ + 2″ = 20″

Question 9
Power exercises should be placed:
I.  Away from windows, mirrors, exits and entrances

Question 10
An appropriate staff-to-athlete ratio for freshman in high school (~14 years old, 0 years of training) should not exceed
B.  1:15

You will find the source for all these answers in the Organization and Administration chapter.


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