Quitting Your Day Job – What is it like?

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Big things have been happening behind the scenes here, and it’s not directly related to me studying for the CSCS exam.

I just quit my job.

With no replacement job.  Sounds foolish doesn’t it?  Well let me explain.

I’ve been working as an Engineer for 6 years now.  There are a bunch of small reasons that accumulated to make me realize that it wasn’t working anymore.  I needed to get away from the desk.

Which is weird, because I’ve been sitting at the computer desk since I was about 13..around the same time that I started building my own computers.  Electrical Engineering was the right choice at the time…but I’ve changed in the last 3 years and along with that change my passions now lie elsewhere – in the realm of physical fitness, movement, and health.

I didn’t quit without a plan

I’m not an idiot, or at least I like to think so.  My plan is built in parallel with finishing the CSCS exam, and a lot of the material is very related to the material I’m covering in studying for the CSCS.  I have a mentor/teacher lined up.  I’m taking three classes, studying anatomy many hours a week, and have plans for at least half a dozen certifications including the CSCS.  My wife is on board.  I’ve discussed it with my friends & family & closest co-workers.  I’ve actively sought out criticism for my plan to make sure  my plan was as low risk and high reward as possible.  I’m not going to reveal the entire plan here, at least not yet.

How does this affect you?  /  Why should you care?
It will only affect the amount of time I can study for the CSCS – in the short term.  Expect a lot of concentrated effort towards the CSCS on this website between mid-September and mid-October, as I will have a break in class then.

I’m working on a post now that I’m excited about, but I’m not sure when I’ll have time to finish out the diagrams.  Until then, best of luck and keep getting stronger.


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