The Test Date is Set!

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Well ladies and gentlemen, no longer will I just talk about becoming a CSCS.  But before I get into my final round of studying, I want to talk a little bit about the sign up process, specifically the sign up process for a computer exam, NOT the pencil/paper version.

I know somewhere on this site I talk about cost of the test, but that post is probably out of date.  For me, the cost was the NSCA membership plus the member price for taking the test:

NSCA membership with no printed publications – $120
CSCS Computer Exam – $310 (up from the $295 it used to be)

Or $430 dollars in total.

As you sign up for the exam the NSCA will have you answer a few questions.  Where did you go to school, graduation date, degree earned, etc.  Also when you were CPR/AED certified or if you weren’t, that you understand your scores won’t be released until you provide proof of CPR/AED cert.

There are no refunds after signing up for the computer exam.
You do not schedule your exam immediately.  You will receive an email from the testing company giving information on how to schedule your exam.

And a whole lot more.  Read about it in the CSCS Computer-based Exam Candidate Handbook.  You actually can’t even order the test until you’ve clicked on that link during the exam ordering process.  Know the process so you aren’t confused or sign up too early or get cold feet.  You have 120 days after ordering the examination to take the test or you forfeit all $310.

My test date is Monday Novembe 4th, at 1:30pm.

Anyways back to my studying. The date is set, and so begins the final lap.  This is the part where I give it my all, or, “cram” as they say.

My Final Lap:

  1. Retake practice exams 1 & 2
  2. Answer review questions from every chapter
  3. Reread every post on this site
  4. Draw, sketch, speak, and visualize concepts
  5. Take practice exam #3

If I don’t attain a passing grade on practice exam #3 that will be a big warning sign that I haven’t done something correctly in steps 1-4.

One More Thing….
I also need to obtain my CPR/AED certification before my exam scores will be released.

I signed up for the CPR/AED through the redcross for $90 for an Adult CPR/AED session.  The cost was $90, and I’m set to take it on October 11 9am – 2:30pm.



  1. Good luck on your exam Julian.

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