The Final Lap, Update 1/3

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CPR/AED Completed

Welp, I just finished my CPR/AED certification yesterday…and I have to say it was a little boring.  Granted I was in boy scouts as a kid, my step-dad was a doctor growing up, and I had taken CPR as a scout when I was younger…so all of it was pretty common sense and easy.  I spent a lot of time on my phone trying to make sure the instructor wasn’t watching.


Book Review Questions Completed

I spent a good long while the other day completing every review question in the book.  The results were a very big eye opener for me.  I mentioned on twitter that I got 97 of the 138 review questions correct or 70.2%.

The number 70.2% didn’t really tell me all that much, but the breakdown of scores did.

Many of the chapters I received a perfect, or near perfect score on…however other chapters I missed almost every single question.  I looked back at the chapters that I utterly failed, and I realized I never covered their subject matter on this blog.  How did this happen?

My blog posts have been based entirely on questions I missed while taking the practice exams, for the most part.  Doing all the review questions at once was in many ways like it’s own practice exam, but evenly weighted by chapter. Why are the practice exams seemingly weighted differently? I never missed a question on the practice exams, or never encountered one regarding the chapter on stretching…yet I missed most of the questions in the review chapter.

Perhaps the exams questions are weighted more towards what the NSCA deems important, so some chapters are de-emphasized.  Regardless, make sure doing every review question, in addition to all the practice exams, is something you do before taking the exam.

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