The Final Lap, Update 2/3

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I had a second post already written up before, but somehow it got lost.  So due to my extreme laziness and need to study instead of writing posts, I’ve shortened this series to 3 parts instead of 5.

Lately I’ve completed the following:


  1. Retake practice exam 1 practice exam 2
  2. Answer review questions from every chapter
  3. Reread every post on this site
  4. Draw, sketch, speak, and visualize concepts
  5. Take practice exam #3

I ran across an issue taking exam 1, and it mostly has to do with levers.  Memorizing the lever classes is easy, thanks to FLE123.  Identifying them on humans is the tricky part, and this is where I ranted on twitter about it.

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In the end, I determined it all has to do with how you treat the tendonous attachment of the muscle as part of the structure being moved or as the place to determine where force is being applied on the bone. I’ll get more into that later.

For now, I need to re-take the second practice exam and then go back through all my incorrect answers and make sure I know what I’m missing.

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