The Final Lap, Update 3/3

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Well, I have three days left to study before I take the exam on Monday.


Here are some quick tips:

  • Starting a blog to catalog your studying process is not a very efficient way to study, however it is a good way to hold yourself accountable to finally finishing
  • Don’t wait until a few days before the exam to take practice exam 3, I was greeted with a few of the answers only being provided for in the NSCA’s Guide to Personal training….a manual I do not own and can’t do anything about at the moment.
  • Spend some time familiarizing yourself with average values for all the testing evaluations.  For example, what is a 50th percentile value for a 16-18 yo high school football athlete in the squat?  I think it’s in the range of 330lbs or so.  Knowing facts like these for each test (T-Test, Hexagon Test, YMCA bench press, etc.) will help answer some of the questions.

In other news, I passed practice exam #3 with a 50/64.  Some of the questions I didn’t know, so I didn’t even guess because I wanted to know which ones I didn’t know vs. which ones I thought I knew and got wrong.  After spending this amount of money and time preparing, I want to get this exam first try, so a 50/64 is a little too close for my comfort.

Fortunately I have a weekend to put my head down and study.  On that note I’m going to stop blabbing on this blog and get to it.  Next post will be my exam results!



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