Announcing: The Ultimate Guide to the CSCS Exam

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“Ahhhhhhhh” – Me, breathing a huge sigh of relief after passing the exam.


My new years resolution for 2013 was to complete the CSCS Exam, and while doing so build a website to catalog my studying notes.

That is done.  New years resolution: complete.

Creating this site has been extremely rewarding for me.  It wasn’t the most efficient way to complete the exam…crafting posts about subject matter took at least 10 times as long as it would have taken for me to review it by myself, but the positive feedback and encouragement that my readers have provided have made it all worthwhile.

But now the goal is complete so….what the hell do I do now?!

I could….
Make Some Videos
– I want to provide some educational material using video.  This will make for much better practice questions, especially for the practical/applied section as well as some more options for helping to remember topics.

Write More Posts – I definitely didn’t cover everything

But then I thought about it some more.  What would I really have liked in the beginning of all this?  I could’ve really used a guide, a manual, a reference…something that was a front to back point-a to point-b THIS-IS-HOW-YOU-GET-YOUR-CSCS-AS-FAST-AS-POSSIBLE-BOOK.

In fact I looked for something like this when I first started.  I checked the usual places, Amazon, Google Play, Apple App Store, browsed videos on youtube….nothing worth spending money on.  Everything I found appeared to be mostly a scam.  Just check the reviews on this gem, clearly the 5 star reviews are a fake.  You can find videos on youtube from the same company that published that book, watch them…they are pretty fucking stupid and even have bad or incorrect information in them.

Basically there was never anything I would consider buying myself.  I am going to write the book that I would’ve bought.

This is going to be a process, so bear with me.  I’m still as busy as ever, but I want to get this done quickly because I know there are lots of you out there want to get your CSCS but are unsure about spending the money, don’t know anyone else who has done it recently, and are generally not sure what to expect.  All these anxieties lead to inaction, which results in no CSCS.  I know, because I’ve been there.  I actually bought the book 3 years ago, and even had a membership for a year that I let expire because I never got around to finally taking the test.  The fear of failure, coupled with working full time, and general laziness prevented me from getting my rear in gear.

I want your help.  Tell me what else you want on this site, what you want covered in the book, and what is it exactly that keeps you from getting your CSCS.

If you found this site at all helpful, but are having trouble committing to taking the CSCS.  Email me!  Tell my why.

And lastly, it would be a huge help to me if you could fill out this quick 4-question survey so I can make a better book I would greatly appreciate it!



  1. Thanks for the tips! Im planning to take the CSCS exam this June…will your book be out before my exam date? :p

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