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I would like to go on about my current life situation, but I feel this blog isn’t really the place.

I’ll go on anyways.  A little bit, at least.

I’m currently in school, getting certifications, studying, maintaining this blog, writing a book, watching my son full time two days a week, spending time with my wife, and cooking dinner most days of the week.  Oh, and working out and maintaining some semblance of fitness.   I’m on the edge of what I can accomplish, which is actually a really fun place to be.  It certainly beats where I was before I quit my job.

It never hurts to ask for help, and I have gotten pretty good at identifying when I need it.

I need your help.

I know a lot of you have read this blog and then gone on to pass the exam.  Send me your ideas.  Send me an explanation of a concept.  Send me your strategy for remembering the 20 some odd plyometric exercises, anything!

Julie E. sent me her study notes, I didn’t even ask.  She just said:

Hey, I found your site today and started commenting all over it and your twitter. My exam is on Tuesday and since you have another month to go, I thought you might want all the help you can get. I type up most of my notes and was wondering it you’d like me to email a few chapters to you. The book is so dense and it may be nice to see another set of notes in case you missed something. I thought it was really nifty that you put that site together and thought it’d be easier on you with help. If not, thanks for all the work you’ve put into cscsexamguide.com!         -Julie E

And then she sent me her notes.  I read the notes approximately 2 hours before my exam, and I found them quite useful!  Thanks Julie!

If you have a blog of your own, or you just want to give thanks like Julie, send me an email!  I’ll post your advice or your explanation of a concept here if you want (after some back and forth and confirmation from you) and maybe include it in the book with your permission!  I’ll make it worth your while 😉

On the other hand, if you are just starting to study and have a question…send me that too!  Nothing motivates me like a personal question from a reader.


  1. Hi can you please also send me the notes? My exam is this saturday and it would really help me out! My email is musclefactoryy@gmail.com – I would greatly appreciate it. The work on your site is amazing!

  2. Hi Julian, I have been following you since the middle of this year, and my exam is next month. Would you also be able to send me a copy of those notes? my email is ballever@hotmail.com. And congrats for completing the exam!

    • Gotta check with Julie, if she gives the go ahead I’ll email it to you.

      • Cheers Julian, much appreciated. How did you find the best way to study and revise? I have been currently going through the book chapter by chapter and summarising key concepts. Also how nit picky is the actual exam compared to the practise ones? I have all 3 volumes and have only done volume one. I passed it only just and that was with my current knowledge and I found there were a few curveball questions which were really to the point and you had to know the fact exactly. Will be looking at doing the next practise exam soon.

        • If you’ve got the exam in one month get through the practice exams, make those your priority. Do a practice exam, review why you got each answer wrong…make sure you understand why, then move onto the next.

          Then do every review question for every chapter. Review any questions you missed, and completely review any chapter that you missed more than 3 questions on.

          Make sure you know the isokinetic muscle force graph, they like to ask questions on that one. It’s the one with three lines, one line for each type of contraction: eccentric, concentric, isometric. Y axis is force, X axis is joint angular velocity.

  3. Hey Julian!
    I am registering for the NSCA’s CSCS exam for the 1st of Feb. I am beginning to start studying from tomorrow, today I’m trying to figure out different internet resources and see what all I can find out, which is how I’ve come across your blogs.

    I do take written computer written notes of books I do read myself and would love it if I could please get a forward!


    I’m trying to figure out the quickest possible way to get the CSCS Exam Content Description Booklet, since I’m not in the US, the purchased booklet would take forever to reach me! Got any pointers for the same?

    • Btw I made a self written short note-book on the Protein Book by Lyle McDonald, I could share the same with you if you’re interested.

    • Hmm, don’t know how to help you here. I actually never used the content description booklet, so you might be able to get by without it (I did)

  4. Hey guys,
    I have to ask Julie first if I can distribute the notes. I’ll email her and get back to you.


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