Free Set of CSCS Notes – Courtesy of Julie

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In my last post I mentioned in passing that a reader provided me with her notes, and that I read them before the exam and found them helpful.  There was a lot of interest in people obtaining a copy of those notes!

So I emailed Julie to ask if it was okay, and her response was “The more the merrier!”

Before you download the zip file, I’m going to ask that you please follow Julie…it’s the least you could do for her sharing her notes!

Follow Julie


Now that you’ve done that, go ahead and download her notes here.

*Note that they are .doc format, but you can always open them in google drive or download open office.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I hope they help everyone even just a little!

  2. Hey, I’m getting ready to take the CSCS and would love some notes, are they posted here?

    • The notes are in the link in the above post, the highlighted word “here”

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