Reader Question: CSCS Exam Failed, Help!

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Going to keep this readers name anonymous for obvious reasons.

Hey Julian,

I received my scores
I passed the scientific foundation section but failed the practical/applied (scores below)
exercise tech 30/39
prig design 23/40
org and adm 7/11
test and eval 9/20
total 69/110
so 62 scaled-score units or 69 correct answers
passing score is 70 scaled score units or 78 correct answers
Well that’s not too far off from passing!  You need to spend a good deal of time in the Program Design and Testing and Evaluation chapters.
I’ll give you a sneak peak of a graph I’m including in the book, and then some advice.  Here is a chapter breakdown of the program design questions:

Spend a lot of time with chapters 14-15-16, 15 especially.Testing and evaluation you failed probably because you didn’t memorize the middle-range values for all the various tests.  A recent post I have addresses this issue:  4 Key Things to Prepare for Exam Day (Plus Bonus Book Topic!)

You gotta get a feel for what constitutes a “good” or “average” score on all of those tests (squat, bench press, long jump, margaria-kalamen test, vertical jump, etc).  If you do that should buy you a good deal more correct answers in the testing and evaluation section.

Hope this helps!

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