There are a lot of good tidbits of information on the internet about the CSCS Exam, and I hope that eventually my website will be one of them.  Until I actually take the exam and pass it though, this site is just a study guide.  If I don’t move at a quick enough pace for your studies, you are going to need some other resources.  I’ve done some searching and found some good tidbits of information on the “series of tubes” aka the internet.  I have also found some not so good resources that you’ll want to avoid.

The Good

  • The NSCA Website – Needless to say, the National Strength and Conditioning Associates website has some fantastic information regarding their CSCS certification.  Go here, become a member, and schedule your exam date.  Most importantly, buy their study materials and book!
  • Forums – is a wildly popular site for fitness enthusiasts, and this thread has multiple responses from people who have actually taken the exam and given their personal accounts.
  • T-Nation Forums – Again, another personal account of taking the exam as well as advice on what topics to focus on.  I found this a valuable read.
  • Athlete Creator – I stumbled on this site and was surprised at how similar of a story this guy has to me (even down to also being an Electrical Engineer), and even more surprised at the similarity of our studying strategies.  This guy seems legit, and even offers tutoring services for the CSCS Exam.

The Bad

  • Any site that will unlock the “secrets” of the CSCS Exam.  I have my own secret for you, THERE IS NO SECRET.  You have to study and know the topics, period.
  • Do any Google searching for help on the CSCS Exam, you will no doubt find some video about muscle fibers on youtube.  The material covered in the video doesn’t have anything to do with the material covered in the book, and is completely useless.  I’ve done some research, read some reviews, and it seems there is a company behind making this and other “exam guides”.   They have a presence on google play (making an android app), as well as amazon.  All of their products have reviews that can be described as “doesn’t work”, “sucks”, “terrible”, and other bad outcomes.  Save your money and stick with the actual NSCA CSCS Exam Preparation materials.

Those are the best & worst resources I’ve found so far.  There has been activity on other message boards like crossfit forums, but the material I found there was largely already covered in the links I provided above.

Let me know in the comments if there are any good resources I’ve missed!